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Long Term Care Insurance can help lessen the burden on your loved ones.

Statistics show that more than half of all individuals age 65 & over will need Long Term Care (LTC) at some point.

What is Long Term Care?
Long Term Care (LTC) is needing assistance with activities of daily living when you live a long life and your body wears out, ie., toileting, bathing, dressing, eating, transferring, and continence. It also includes cognitive impairment so severe that it requires constant supervision.

Specifically, LTC covers the following types of care services:

  • Skilled care is provided when recovering from an illness or an injury.
  • Personal care helps maintain the daily activities and functions of life.
Who Covers the Long Term Care Cost?

If someone requires long-term care, it is not just an emotional strain but a financial one as well, impacting retirement savings and overall financial position. Too many people think Medicare covers long-term care expenses, such as nursing home and home health services. But, Medicare only provides short-term recovery benefits for skilled care in a nursing home following a hospitalization and pays only for home health visits for a few weeks, and nothing for 8-hour shifts at home.

Private health insurance policies, including HMOs and Medicare supplements, also just provide short-term recovery benefits. Most long-term care is of a non-skilled custodial nature and is not covered, except by the Medicaid welfare program. But to qualify for Medicaid, you must spend most of your assets. Unfortunately, many nursing homes have dropped out of the Medicaid program, leaving long waiting lists and limited choices at those remaining. In addition, legislation severely restricts transferring assets to qualify for Medicaid.

Diversified Group Services, Inc. in Mystic, CT can help you receive this care.

Examples of what a LTC policy purchased through us may cover:

  • Institutional Care: Nursing home, assisted living services residential care facility, hospice care, adult foster home, respite care and more.
  • Home Care: Home health care, adult day care, personal care, homemaker services, hospice care, respite care and more.

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It is never too early to plan for long-term care.  It is important to note that roughly 40% of those receiving LTC today are between the ages of 18 and 64. Diversified Group Services, Inc can help you be prepared regardless of your situation.

Connecticut Partnership for Long Term Care

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