We offer traditional health insurance for individuals and families, as well as small businessess, self-employed sole props, and contrators.   We also help individuals, employees, seniors and their families augment their health insurance and create a financial safety net for unforeseen health issues and/or a tragedy with voluntary and supplemental insurance coverage, which can be purchased any time of the year. Supplemental and voluntary policies are very affordable and pay valuable benefits in addition to your regular health insurance benefits.

Click the links below to get instant quotes and purchase policies online.  When the quote box opens, each product indicates if  it is for individual or groups, etc.  As your broker, we are available to support and assist with claims, billing and benefit issues that may arise throughout the year.

Health Insurance

Major medical coverage, both on or off health insurance exchange, with or without subsidy.

Cost-Sharing Health Plans

Medi-Share is affordable monthly healthcare for individuals and families exempt from the ACA.

Groups & Sole Props

Various PPO and HSA plans, plus WRAP plan, with varying deductibles and co-pays.  Plans include Life and AD&D.

MEC Health Plans

Plans that are limited to “minimum essential coverage” as required by the Affordable Care Act.

Limited Medical Coverage

Plans that do not contain full or MEC benefits, but do provide some limited health benefits when needed.

Travel Medical

While traveling, your regular health plan onlys cover a fraction of costs. Don’t go without coverage.

Dental & Vision Plans

Plans that cover a variety of exams, diagnostic, preventative care and corrective services.

Accident Plans

Accidents can happen at anytime.  This policy pays benefits in addition to your regular health insurance.

Critical Illness Plans

Financial protection for the unforseen that pays cash benefits for covered illnesses.

Gap Health Plans

Gap policies are used to pay large deductibles on major medical health insurance.


Save time and money with healthcare via phone, anytime, anywhere to treat common medical issues.

Prescription Drug Plan

Affordable Generic RX program with over 75,000 pharmacies and network partnerships nationwide.

If you would prefer to have personal service and guidance, please call us at (860) 886-5126 or submit the personal quote request form below.

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